University Transfer Program

The University Transfer Program courses in humanities, social science, and science give the learner a broad general knowledge in First Nation studies and a variety of other areas. The program also develops the learner’s critical and analytical thinking skills. The program gives the learner the foundation to developed reasoned thoughts and opinions and to support their ideas. Upon completion of the following courses, students will be required to complete the second year of the program (30 additional credits) to receive their Associate of Arts Degree. In addition, the program gives the students required, transferable credits to enter a variety of disciplines at the third year level.

Application / Admission Requirements

Completed application package
Recent official transcripts
Copy of BC Medical Card
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copy of Status Card (if applicable)
CAT 4 Test Results
(ALL new students must write the CAT-4 Locator Test prior to being admitted to the program)

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Program Outline

Fall Semester
ENGL 110 English Composition 3.00 Credits
PSYC 111 Intro to Psychology 3.00 Credits
STSC 101 Strategies for Success 3.00 Credits
CMSC 109 Computer Applications 3.00 Credits

Spring Semester
HLTH 201 Physical Health and Fitness 3.00 Credits
FINA 175 Fine Arts: Painting 3.00 Credits
FNST 101 Into to FN Studies II 3.00 Credits
SCIE 140 Ethno Science 3.00 Credits
Total of 24 Course Credits