B.C. Adult Dogwood Diploma Program

The BC Adult Dogwood Diploma Program is provincially recognized and is available to adults 18 years or older. To complete the Adult Graduation Program,
students must earn at least 20 credits in the secondary school system or complete six courses in the post-secondary system. Courses and credits can be counted from the BC School System and/or the College ABE Program. Upon successful completion of the following courses, students will receive their BC Adult Dogwood Graduation Diploma.

Download Application

Application Admission Requirements

Completed application package
Recent official transcripts
Copy of BC Medical Card
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copy of Status Card (if applicable)
CAT-4 Test Results

(ALL new students must write the CAT-4 Locator Test prior to being admitted to the program)

Program Outline

Semester 1
3.00 ENGL 050 Writing Skills
3.00 INST 050 Indigenous Studies I
3.00 STSC 101 Strategies for Success 101
3.00 MATH 055 Introduction to Algebra

A total of 24 Course Credits


Tuition Cost for any High School Level Programs are
eligible for Nominal Role Funding, on reserve and off
reserve. These programs are open to everyone!
Text Books (Deposit) $ 100.00
Graduation Fee $ 75.00
$ 175.00
*Please note that applicants must be 18 years of age!

Semester 2
3.00 ENGL 060 Literature & Composition
3.00 INST 060 Indigenous Studies II
3.00 FINA 060 Studio Foundations
3.00 BIOL 050 Biology

For More Information

Phone (250) 842 – 0216
Toll Free 1 (866) 842 – 0216
Fax (250) 842 – 2219
4125 River Road
PO Box 418
Hazelton, BC