The Associate of Arts Degree – First Nation Studies courses in humanities, social science, and science give the learner a broad general knowledge in First Nation studies and a variety of other areas. The program also develops the learner’s critical and analytical thinking skills. The program gives the learner the foundation to developed reasoned thoughts and opinions and to support their ideas. In addition, the program gives the students required, transferrable credits to enter a variety of disciplines at the third year level.

Admission Requirements:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • C+ minimum grade in English 12
  • C+ minimum grade in Principals of Math 11

Course Offerings:

  • New students wishing to attend school on a part-time basis can do so without registering for the program. Upon completion of the following courses, returning students (provided they completed the first year requirements) will receive their Associate of Arts Degree.
  • CMSC 109 Computer Applications
  • ENGL 202 Cultural Politics of Indigenous Lit
  • FNED 150 International Indigenous Issues
  • FNST 203 First Nations of the Americas
  • FNSC 106 Exploring Natural Science
  • FNWS 205 First Nations Women & Pop Culture
  • FNWS 206 First Nations Women Visionaries
  • INST 108 General Intro to First Nations Issues
  • INST 270 Aboriginal Title & Modern Treaties
  • INST 275 First Nations Law
  • SOCI 262 Culture & Identity
  • STAT 203 Statistics for Social Science


  • Tuition and books vary (approximately $250.00-$300.00 per course).


  • Completed application package
  • Recent official transcripts
  • Copy of your BC Medical Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of your status card (if applicable)

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