Our vision is to restore and maintain healthy traditional community values; while actively participating in the new economy. We envision a healthy community that is sustainable in its economy and social infrastructure. We will value all people for their knowledge and skills. We will make available opportunities and resources to empower community members to reach their potential.


Sik-e-dakh (Glen Vowell) is a small but vibrant and resilient First Nation community. In 1998, Sik-e-dakh celebrated its 100th birthday! Sik-e-dakh is situated in west central British Columbia tucked away just off the Kispiox Valley road 10 kilometers north of Hazelton.


Kispiox is situated within the Gitksan Territory fifteen kilometres on the Kispiox Valley Road north of Hazelton at the junction of the Kispiox and Skeena Rivers. The size of our community is 1650 acres.


Our location stands at the transition between the mild and wet coastal climate of the Skeena River valley and the drier, more extreme interior.


Gitsegukla is a Gitxsan village located in the Skeena River Valley, an area that is surrounded by mountains. The name Gitsegukla means ‘People of Segukla’. Segukla or ‘sharp-pointed’ being the name of a nearby mountain.


The Wilp Si Wilaxsinsxwhl Simgigyet (Chief’s House of Learning) was opened on September 23, 1989. At that time the school was the first and only Gitksan Immersion School in the province of British Columbia.


The goal of the Gitanyow Huwilp Society is to establish government to government agreements over time to form the foundation of a modern day treaty through an Incremental Treaty Approach, on behalf of the Gitanyow Huwilp membership.