Inspired By Gitxsan Culture and Higher Education

G.W.E.S. College and First Nations High School Welcomes You!

Why Choose G.W.E.S.

GWES has remained committed to working towards improving the educational and training outcomes of the populations they serve by delivering educational programming, implementing training initiatives, promoting self-reliance, and creating meaningful employment. As well, GWES is committed to the continued development and implementation of culturally relevant programs in areas such as Education, Social Services, Health, and Child Welfare.

Since its incorporation, GWES has managed and housed a number of services previously delivered by the Tribal Council and now delivered by other organizations, including: An Alternate School, Hazelton Youth Centre, Child Care Services, Medical and Mental Health Services, Community Awareness and Preventions Services (CAPS) and the Employment Services Office.

Bus Route Information

Please note that schedules are based on the number of students who signed up for bus pick-up. Please take note of the time and locations. Call the front office to register for bus pick- up in your community. Once you are registered, you will be placed on your community bus list for pick-up.




New- South Hazelton


Glen Vowell


Hagwilget – 2 Mile